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Energy Performance Certificates

As of April 2020 every property is required for have an EPC of E or above for any property that is being sold, rented or built.

What is contained in an EPC

An EPC is an indication of how much energy a property uses and how much it costs per annum. It also gives an indication or 'recommendation' of how to improve your energy performance. 

How is an EPC inspection completed?

To complete an EPC a domestic energy assessor (DEA) is required to attend the property. The DEA is required to inspect the property in person, this can not be completed as a desk top exercise.

When on site a DEA will need to complete the following:

  • Measure the area for each floor

  • Check all openings

  • Check all walls 

  • Check the roof (and insulation by accessing the loft if necessary)

  • Check the heating system (eg. boiler)

  • Inspect the heat emitters (eg. radiators)

  • Inspect conservatories if applicable 

  • Check all heating controls 

  • Check hot water cylinder (if applicable)

  • Inspect gas and electric meters

  • Inspect all lights 

The Energy assessor will also need to take pictures of all of the above. If you have completed any work (for example floor insulation) the DEA will need evidence of this as they will not be able to see this usually. 

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Electricity Plugs

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An EICR is a regular inspection that is completed by qualified electricians. The aim of the inspection is reduce the risk of fire and electrical shock. 

Who requires an EICR

It is a legal a requirement that all landlords have an in date  satisfactory EICR. The law stipulates that every 5 years all fixed electrical installations be checked by a qualified person.

The law also stipulates that a landlord must have an EICR carried out and provide this to a tenant within 28 days.

Why you should get an EICR completed?

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty wiring. To reduce the risk of fire you should have an EICR completed on your property which will be a thorough check of all fixed electrical items. 

Pot on Gas Burner

Gas Safety Certificates

A gas safety certificate is required for each tenanted property on a yearly basis. A gas safe certificate is to be carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. All results from the gas safety check will be recorded on the gas safety report.

All of our engineers are gas safe registered and are able to complete a gas safety certificate on your property in a timely manner.

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